Are you a soul-driven, ambitious woman on a mission to achieve greatness?
Do you desire to accelerate your path towards the embodiment of your soul’s mission and life vision?
If you’re all in and ready to unlock your full potential, The Inner Circle is your exclusive, all-inclusive destination.

The Inner Circle

Welcome to a transformational journey designed exclusively for women who are ready to step into their true power, embody their soul’s wealth, and make a profound impact.
The Inner Circle is your path to embracing an extraordinary life and profound levels of soul greatness.
Your key to a life, mission and business build on divine frequency and physical abundance. An all-inclusive, exclusive opportunity to embody your highest potential with ease.


Our community is a sacred, high frequency sanctuary, a place where soul-driven women gather to elevate and quantum leap.
Accelerate into the embodiment of your soul’s mission and bring you big dreams and desires into full fruition. Experience the power of close proximity, allow soul frequency and DNA calibration to happen effortlessly.

What to Expect

Imagine a life where your frequency aligns with your soul’s most abundant vibration.
Unlock your divine essence and fully connect with the ancient wisdom of your inner priestess, the luxurious well-being of your inner goddess and the impact and soul leadership of the Empress within.
Through sacred wisdom rituals, high level frequency attunements, deep dive sessions within a high frequency environment, your innate wisdom, soul’s power and magnetic presence will come online.
Break free from limiting beliefs and abundance blocks in yourself and your business. Unlock your innate divine wealth and embrace new boundless possibilities
It’s time to shed self-imposed limitations and reach exceptional heights in your life and mission with support of your soul’s intelligence. Rise into your full potential, embody your unique gifts, and embrace your soul’s greatness.


Embrace Your Divine Woman

Create a crystal clear vision, embrace soul success rituals, and harmonize your life, mission and business with your soul’s rhythm. Embody the wise priestess, wild goddess and magnetic empress within daily life.

Soul Essence, Gift & Mission Embodied

Initiate, activate and embody your soul’s mission, divine gifts and essence and translate this into a life of global impact and wealth.

Divine Wealth Codes Unlocked

Elevate and embody new profound levels of freedom, fulfillment and prosperity in renewed depend levels within relationships. Become the master of empowered physical creation. Witness your reality, transform by unlocking your wealth codes.

Lead with Impact

Take charge and lead with your soul’s power, presence and impact. Collapse timelines and achieve embodied soul success that exceeds your most ambitious dreams and translates in both life and business.
Divine wealth empowerment
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Embodiment Programs

Access all Embodiment Programs


Access ALL Live Recorded Released
Initiation Programs

Liberate Soul Cycles

Yourself, your business, your life from stagnant energy, soul cycles, karmic patterns and repetitive energy cycles. Receive clear stepping stones in the form of high-frequency elevation points. Experience consistent expansion, instant new frequency upgrades, elevate as you feel deeply empowered in new levels of Soul Leadership and frequency mastery.

Calibrate to Your Divine Self

Attune to profound levels of your soul’s frequency consistently. Access all new divine wealth initiations and programs. Plus a great variety of recorded initiation series and portal activations. Establish deep forms of clear co-creation with your light tribe by calibrating to higher frequencies within yourself.

Unleash Soul Leadership

Unleash your soul’s greatness, re-connect to ancient wisdom and access the full remembrance of your gifts. Receive your key to unleashing yourself and establish global impact with your soul’s frequency and your unique purpose.

Access all IniTIATION Programs


Empowered Creation

Do you experience stagnant energy? As if you miss momentum, flow and excitement. You experience strong emotions like disappointed because your manifestation level does not match your big dreams.

Quantum Tools & Techniques

This is because the quantum field and her energy is changing rapidly. Most creation and manifestation tools are outdated. When you are working with an outdated toolkit. It is time to upgrade your level of mastery to receive and create everything you desire.

Big Impact

When you can lead yourself with the big available quantun energies, you can make big moves. In order to be able to do this you need soul leadership combined with fresh levels of energy mastery. Access new tools, techniques and mastery each month and dive into all the recordings right away!
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Master Courses



Access Private Mentoring and
the Exclusive Inner Circle Community

Inner Circle Calls

Be part of exclusive calls with other soul-driven, ambitious women on a mission to achieve greatness. Be part of a supportive community, elevate, expand and lead together.

One-to-One Mentoring

Get personalized guidance and support. Overcome blocks, discover your hidden potential, and be guided into a life of impact within an intimate setting.

Personalized Frequency Calibration

Experience the power of exclusive initiations just for you. Unlock YOUR innate abundance in life, wealth, relationships, gifts and mission in a high frequency setting with Sigrid her focused energy just for you. 

Exclusive Mentoring Days

Privileged access to online mentoring designed exclusively for our Inner Circle members. Sigrid is committed wholeheartedly, ensuring that you receive the support that unlocks magical levels of soul success and growth in life and business.




1 year
Inner circle BONUS
€4444 €0

Experience the ultimate embodiment of your divinity at this soul luxury retreat.. 
MAY 2024
May 22nd l 23rd l  24th l 25nd l 26th  2024
3pm 22nd Check in – 12pm 26th check out 
Divine Wealth Retreat Sessions
May 23rd l  24th l 25nd 2024
Highly personalized, intimate, high frequency soul attunements within a group setting.
Sep 11th  l 12th  l 13th  l 14th l 15th 2024
3pm 11th Check in – 12pm 15th check out 
Divine Wealth Retreat Sessions
Sep  12th  l 13th  l 14th 2024
Experience exquisite divine co-creation and lock in your divine essence with certainty.

The Vibe

Clients share

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4 nights included, personal hotel room to allow yourself to fully unwind.
Enjoy the exquisite Spanish cuisine and close proximity in an informal setting with 2 VIP dinners and 1 VIP breakfast with Sigrid
Your hotel stay, 3 days of Divine Wealth sessions, your meals and drinks are included.
Enjoy meals at your own convenience, whether you prefer a private dining experience or sharing. The retreat is designed to cater your well-being.


All LIVE, recorded, new released:
All LIVE weekly, bi-weekly, monthly:
Private mentoring:
Exclusive community: 
Bonus Inner Circle Year


Cancellation Policy

There will be no refunds offered and no cancellation of this program. For details please read our Cancellation Policy.


Cancellation Policy

There will be no refunds offered and no cancellation of this program.
For details please read our Cancellation Policy.


Inner Circle Year


Pay in Full

12 x €1111

Payment Plan
Inner Circle Six-Months

Receive half of the private mentoring days, 1:1 calls and no access to the Ibiza Retreat


Pay in Full

6 x €1111

Payment Plan



When are the live classes?
LIVE classes are scheduled to accommodate global participation between 3pm and 7pm CEST. All sessions are recorded and available for you in the app.
I am not able to participate live, does this influence my success?
There is no difference in experienced success, just personal preference.
What programs do i have access to?
This is an all-inclusive experience. This means you get access to all new, recorded and upcoming online programs, 1:1 mentoring and currently the all-inclusive retreat.
What if I can’t come to the retreat?
You can schedule a 2 hour online VIP experience with Sigrid instead.
When does the current bonus expire?
Bonuses change throughout the year and some will never return. To be certain to access the current bonus lock in your spot now.
What is not included?
Additional 1:1 mentoring and/or in-person events promoted during the year.
What if i do not have a credit card or the current payment option does not work for me?
Send an email to and be informed about other payment options.
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My purpose was clear: I was meant to help others reach their fullest potential and lead lives filled with purpose, freedom, and prosperity.

For me, spirituality is not just a thing or a class you take; it’s an ongoing journey into the elevation of your greatness.

I’ve made my abilities a normal part of my life and created worldwide events, communities, and personal experiences that have touched the lives of thousands by helping them connect with their souls. I’m not a magician, and my knowledge doesn’t come from textbooks or theories. I’m a living gateway to the resonance of your soul.

I believe in having it all from effortless soul alignment. My community and soul-driven business have evolved into a 7-figure brand in just three years.
My desire to travel made me host high-level Divine Wealth retreats on Ibiza, sharing my wisdom and passion with others. In addition, I’ve opened a business in Dubai and travel there yearly. I have a team of dedicated members around the world, supporting me in my mission.

The level of creativity and consistent creation in my life serves as a gateway to express my soul’s art. I’m deeply in love with my purpose, my mission, and my clients.

My life is now a reflection of everything I ever wanted – an adventurous, passionate love relationship, a close-knit and abundant family, a thriving empire that fulfills me every single day, fantastic clients who are in harmony with their souls, a healthy and fit body, and the joy of exploring the world through travel.
My journey began with academic pursuits, but I truly discovered my inner strength through my work as a social worker, where I helped people struggling with addiction. I often found myself working with clients who were considered challenging.

In my presence, something magical happened. These clients would reconnect with their true path in life effortlessly. I realized I had a unique gift that could open a door to something beyond our human selves, revealing profound truths filled with love and grace.

For me, spirituality is not just a thing or a class you take; it’s an ongoing journey to understand and embrace who you truly are.

I’ve made my abilities a normal part of my life and created worldwide events, communities, and personal experiences that have touched the lives of thousands by helping them connect with their souls. I’m not a magician, and my knowledge doesn’t come from textbooks or theories. I’m a living gateway to the resonance of the soul.

All the challenges I faced in life transformed into a wellspring of compassion. I combined this with a deep desire to live a life in harmony with my soul, one that was full of freedom, purpose, and abundance. And I achieved just that!

About Sigrid van Heerwaarden

Welcome to my world, beautiful! I’m Sigrid, a modern mystic, divine channel, and spiritual mentor. Let’s dive deeper into who I am and what I stand for.

I’ve always been driven to elevate myself, even when feeling misunderstood by others most of my life. As a child I was unaware of my gifts and I assumed everyone had the same abilities to read others and perceive reality the way I did.

My life’s story has been to embrace my true self, my gifts and create a life of freedom, abundance and impact.

Eventually my personal journey turned into my art, my craft, my gift, my mission.

However, this did not come easy.