February 24, 2020


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Sigrid van Heerwaarden


How we became passionate lovers for real.

He was the doctor and I was the nurse.


He was the doctor and I was a social worker.

He was my friend and made me laugh.

A lot..

In the mean while I did my inner work relentlessly.

I released, I prayed, I meditated, I visualized, I felt into the feelings of being in the most extraordinary love relationship ever.

I listened to Kenny B - Parijs

I listened to Ellie Goulding - Love me like you do

I am quite certain both Ellie and Kenny where the source in manifesting my ultimate love relationship .

I listened to them daily.

For months.

Multiple times.

I remember the moment I realized HE was the one.

I talked out loud to myself: ‘Well, he can’t be the one.’

He is 5 years younger, I have 3 children, he lives in a different city, he just bought a new home.

This is impossible.

But the Universe, God, Source is not interested in our opinions.

It will deliver whatever we are an energetic match with.

Well, I for sure was a divine match with the feelings within the songs of both Ellie and Kenny B.

See, manifestation is simple.

It only cares about the feelings your inner being radiates.

What music are you listening to, what words are you singing, who and what are you allowing into your space?

Are you fully dedicated to overflowing your system with what you adore, love and desire?

Music is a great way to ignite the frequency of your hearts desires!

My current song is from Kenny B - Jij bent de liefde -

Not just to ignite the most playful, dedicated and joyful love within my relationship.

But to remember, who I AM.

It is all about the relationship I have with me, with my divine Source.

Listen to music that ignites what you desire.

Don’t wait for him or it to sing to you.

Make sure he or it is singing for you!

What is you favorite song to listen to and to ignite the life you desire?

>>>Share in the commends below<<<

Love to expand my playlist. 😉

Love You!

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About Author

Sigrid van Heerwaarden

Sigrid Van Heerwaarden is a modern spiritual teacher, with a practical touch. Her unique gift allows her to tap into spiritual truth, which comes in a form of spirit guides that can remind some of Abraham Hicks.




Sigrid van Heerwaarden

Modern Spiritual Teacher

Serving others through her gifts of channeling, activations, energy work.

Sigrid van Heerwaarden



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Integrating the new energies since June has already empowered me greatly and I feel so much more coming.

Co-creating with all of you here and in the groups actually speeds up the process of becoming the "rock" for myself, the ones around me and on the greater level too.

I am so excited to be part of the 11:11 opening, stepping into the bigger why and leading with my light and my mission here on earth.

I joined because I wanted to be guided in how to open up spiritually. I received way more than that! In my daily life I found my soulmate. I shifted into work which feels aligned. I reignited my business and it has really taken off.

I never expected to communicate with my spirit guides yet I – as a down to earth person – now channel my own light tribe.

From the start of the experience I created a deepened relationship with my children.

What I really enjoy is Sigrid is very practical, down to earth and no nonsense. I love how she leads through example and co-creation.

The group aspect is mind blowing. I never expected this level of deep connection. It brings me to tears. These connections are for life. I experience a deep heartfelt connection with each individual.

I am presently in the September Soul Mastery experience. I am writing this from my heart as I know there are some folks who may be wondering if this is for them. I have to say I knew immediately I wanted to do it. I jumped into it and was caught by my Light Tribe-fully supported Because it was and is the right thing for me. Sigrid provides such a high-frequency container that allows one to
Grow more deeply in their Soul’s path within this human form called a body. Sigrid calls it embodiment.
Soul Mastery isn’t the journey I thought it would be-it is incredibly better. My personality self thought of goals and how she would like to be and she is fully Supported in Soul Mastery. My personality self is learning to allow and to receive. She is learning she is safe to be who she is, and cherished AS she is right now. My soul is having the most wonderful dance with all of this. I am growing in ways I never dreamed of because my mind thinks small and the soul says bigger. I am supported to lead with Soul on every level in Soul Mastery. I am so honored to be in a group of high-frequency individuals who support me and help me in so many ways. Who see me on FB and send their love. Beautiful Divine Beings who have reached out beyond class and given their gifts to me-Light Language/sound healings, Light weaving, Soul paintings, in a time I really needed upliftment. The gifts are still unwrapping for me. It is not only Sigrid-(who is so amazing )and her Light Tribe- it is the group that gathers to be present to one another on our collective and individual journeys. This is one of the most profound experiences in my life.
With infinite love and gratitude,

Since I am in the Soul Mastery Group with Sigrid, the nerve pain that I have had for over 30 years is totally gone for long periods.

When it comes back due to energy shifts or other causes, I have easy methods to deal with it. I release more and more of the pressure I put on myself and am stepping more and more into ‘Effortless Being’!

More and more I am able to look at situations from the heart instead of the mind. I am not going into stories any longer and get less overwhelmed. This gives me more rest and fewer worries and more Happiness!

I let go and release a lot of ‘the Old’: beliefs, imprints, scars from this and other lives.I have more trust in myself and the support of the Universe.

I know I am never alone and the support I ask always comes if I am ready to listen and to ALLOW! I am less overgiving and allow myself to receive and give myself what I need at the moment.

I see and I believe in a Bright Future. I feel its Energy and try to go into it daily.

The Soul Mastery Group is really about CO-CREATING with Sigrid, with Soul, with the members of the group, and with the Universe!