Hi Beautiful !

Are you ready to embark on a deeply personal journey towards your most extraordinary vision, fully embracing your soul’s mission like never before?

Welcome to The Accelerator, a 12-month deep immersive embodiment program, tailor-made for soul-driven women who are fully committed.

Embody your soul’s mission and achieve a life of greatness.

Elevate beyond your wildest dreams within a collective of visionary women within a high frequency environment.

Your Path

into soul embodiment

The Accelerator is a 4 cycle journey into embodiment.

Your Divine Woman

Embody your sacred priestess, your goddess, the woman within.

Attune to soul success rituals that illuminate your path. Harmonize your life, mission, and purpose to your soul’s rhythm and embody a life of greatness.


Embody your soul’s essence, gifts and blueprint.

Master your divine gifts and embody your essence. Live in sync with your soul’s unique blueprint. The gateway to your soul’s boundless potential manifested in your mission.


Transform your reality with unshakable soul mastery.

Elevate relationships, wealth codes and access the divine power within by shaping new desired realities. Witness freedom, fufillment, and prosperity emerge effortlessly into your life.

Lead with impact

Initiate, activate and lead with your soul’s power.

Discover faster, more effective soul leadership without doing more. Apply your awareness in innovative ways to collapse timelines and fast-track your results, manifest your vision and mission with effortless, joyful, and exhilarating momentum.

Achieve Freedom,

Fulfilment And Impact

Beyond Imagination

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The Highlights

Dive Deep into the Heart of the Accelerator and Explore

Soul Activation

Experience quarterly profound one-on-one activations with Sigrid, receive attuned soul upgrades and instantly anchor in your next level of embodiment. Calibrate to profound levels of soul resonance and embody unshakable alignment.


Experience the Power of Weekly Hot Seat Coaching in a Supportive Group

Benefit from weekly hot seat sessions within an intimate group setting and get the guidance and motivation you need to thrive. Address your challenges and receive personalized mentoring. Break barriers and embrace success instantly.


Unlock the Power of Interactive Focus Groups

Let’s help you lead with your mission. Dissolve recurring patterns, break through obstacles, and celebrate your journey to success.Stay on track with your vision.


Unleash Your Potential through Experiential Mastery

Discover the magic of immersive mini-retreats where you can connect with your inner self, co-create with soul-driven women, and achieve new heights of mastery. Don’t just talk about it – embody your potential! Embark on a journey of profound self-discovery.



Soul Embodiment

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Ignite Your Soul Alignment with Daily High-Frequency Sessions

Experience the daily ritual of soul empowerment, immerse yourself in a world of high vibrations, and align with your vision. It’s time to feel soul-solid in every aspect of your life. Unleash your inner power and elevate your life through our channeled empowerment sessions. Your transformative journey begins here.


Unlock Profound Mastery Through Bi-Weekly Deep Dives

Transform your reality, empower your mission, and manifest your desires with ease through immersive
bi-weekly embodiment classes. Gain practical alignment tools, life-altering practices, and expanded mastery to take your journey to the next level. Dive deep and rise high!


Connect with High-Achieving Soul Driven Women on a Mission

Become part of a powerful community of like-minded women who are dedicated to their vision and mission. Elevate, inspire, and rise in our private Accelerator hub. Don’t navigate your mission alone, thrive together in this exclusive online community.

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Diving Deeper

Into the Schedule


Access the Foundation & Soul Success System Instantly dive into your transformative journey with 16 recorded sessions. Craft your unshakable vision and align your soul’s blueprint with your mission.

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  Visionary Kick-Off  

Call with Sigrid

Begin your 12-month adventure with a visionary call led by Sigrid. This call will cement your soul’s vision and set you on a clear path to fulfilling your mission.

  Weekly Hot Seat  

Coaching & Q&A

Stay on track with your vision with our weekly hot seat coaching and Q&A sessions. Get the support and insights you need to thrive within a small, supportive group.

 Monthly Focus Calls 

Our monthly focus calls to ensure you maintain unwavering dedication to your vision. Share successes, challenges, and growth in a collaborative environment.


Embodiment Classes

Enhance your mastery of creating soul-aligned results with bi-weekly embodiment classes. Dive deep into your journey of self-discovery.



Unleash your soul’s essence, unlock your potential, and nurture your gifts during our monthly mini-retreats. Elevate your presence and mastery.


Hub Community

Access our exclusive community of high-achieving, soul-driven women for continuous support, inspiration, and elevation.


One-on-One Activation Session

Receive personalized guidance and energy attunement to calibrate to your highest vision. Anchor your soul’s alignment in these quarterly sessions.

  Daily Channeled 

Empowerment Sessions

Start each day with channeled empowerment sessions, elevating your energy, clarity, and focus.

  12 Months 

of Live Calls + Access to Recordings

Participate in all calls live, and access recordings through our Divine Wealth app. Ensure you never miss a moment of your transformation.

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Unlock Your Potential & Embrace Your Mission

Thrive in our exclusive program.

Achieve your dreams, live a life of greatness and embody
your soul’s potential, mission and gifts.

Start Your Journey into Soul Embodiment


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About me

Hi I am Sigrid

A modern mystic, divine channel, and spiritual mentor, focused on divine embodiment, soul potential activation, and frequency elevation.

I am the founder of the Divine Wealth Group Dubai and CEO of a 7 figure brand. My mission is to activate soul driven women on a mission into their highest potential; so that they live a life and mission of freedom, fulfillment and wealth

I believe it is a woman’s birthright to have it all

Since 2018, I have hosted over 30 global high impact online events, in-person retreats, and written a book. Created more than 50 LIVE and recorded programs on divine embodiment, soul potential activation and frequency elevation.

I have hosted over a 1000 episodes on the daily empowerment show on Facebook and hold yearly awareness events with world known spiritual leaders. A community of over 30,000 women and men have taken part in my online and in-person events, retreats and programs.

Participants report back that the high levels of divine attunement, practical teachings and the consistent deepening of my channel, has allowed them to embody their soul’s mission, divine gifts and life vision.

Frequently Asked



    LIVE classes are scheduled to accommodate global participation between 3pm and 7pm CEST. All sessions are recorded and available for you in the app.


    There is no difference in experienced success, just personal preference.


    Bonuses change throughout the year and some will never return. To be certain to access the current bonus lock in your spot now.


    Additional 1:1 mentoring and/or in-person events promoted during the year.


    Send an email to and be informed about other payment options.

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My purpose was clear: I was meant to help others reach their fullest potential and lead lives filled with purpose, freedom, and prosperity.

For me, spirituality is not just a thing or a class you take; it’s an ongoing journey into the elevation of your greatness.

I’ve made my abilities a normal part of my life and created worldwide events, communities, and personal experiences that have touched the lives of thousands by helping them connect with their souls. I’m not a magician, and my knowledge doesn’t come from textbooks or theories. I’m a living gateway to the resonance of your soul.

I believe in having it all from effortless soul alignment. My community and soul-driven business have evolved into a 7-figure brand in just three years.
My desire to travel made me host high-level Divine Wealth retreats on Ibiza, sharing my wisdom and passion with others. In addition, I’ve opened a business in Dubai and travel there yearly. I have a team of dedicated members around the world, supporting me in my mission.

The level of creativity and consistent creation in my life serves as a gateway to express my soul’s art. I’m deeply in love with my purpose, my mission, and my clients.

My life is now a reflection of everything I ever wanted – an adventurous, passionate love relationship, a close-knit and abundant family, a thriving empire that fulfills me every single day, fantastic clients who are in harmony with their souls, a healthy and fit body, and the joy of exploring the world through travel.
My journey began with academic pursuits, but I truly discovered my inner strength through my work as a social worker, where I helped people struggling with addiction. I often found myself working with clients who were considered challenging.

In my presence, something magical happened. These clients would reconnect with their true path in life effortlessly. I realized I had a unique gift that could open a door to something beyond our human selves, revealing profound truths filled with love and grace.

For me, spirituality is not just a thing or a class you take; it’s an ongoing journey to understand and embrace who you truly are.

I’ve made my abilities a normal part of my life and created worldwide events, communities, and personal experiences that have touched the lives of thousands by helping them connect with their souls. I’m not a magician, and my knowledge doesn’t come from textbooks or theories. I’m a living gateway to the resonance of the soul.

All the challenges I faced in life transformed into a wellspring of compassion. I combined this with a deep desire to live a life in harmony with my soul, one that was full of freedom, purpose, and abundance. And I achieved just that!

About Sigrid van Heerwaarden

Welcome to my world, beautiful! I’m Sigrid, a modern mystic, divine channel, and spiritual mentor. Let’s dive deeper into who I am and what I stand for.

I’ve always been driven to elevate myself, even when feeling misunderstood by others most of my life. As a child I was unaware of my gifts and I assumed everyone had the same abilities to read others and perceive reality the way I did.

My life’s story has been to embrace my true self, my gifts and create a life of freedom, abundance and impact.

Eventually my personal journey turned into my art, my craft, my gift, my mission.

However, this did not come easy.