Divine Wealth Empowerment - Sigrid van Heerwaarden

Divine Wealth Empowerment

Exhilarating journey that
shifts everything

Welcome beautiful!

Into a pivotal moment you will remember forever.

Ready to take yourself into full soul embodiment?

Master your supernatural gifts and thrive in your life and purpose.

This 12 month journey has 2 levels available.

The Accelerator

For the soul-led woman who desires..

12 month highly interactive deep-dive where I teach you everything I know LIVE so that you fully embody your soul’s gifts and purpose.

Thrive in every aspect of your life!

The Mastermind

For the soul-led woman who knows..

Get exclusive access to Divine Wealth Accelerator + all my programs and me.

Become part of my inner-circle and access the most transformational high-frequency space there is for the advanced soul-led awakened woman.

This is the vibe!

Magical deep dive into the manifestation of your soul’s potential in daily life

  • Elevate into the exponential wealth of your soul
  • Master your supernatural abilities & own your multidimensional potential
  • Embody your soul’s unique gifts and purpose
  • Co-create in advanced ways with your spirit guides
  • Experience your infinite source of joy, fulfillment and freedom
  • Activate full spiritual and physical abundance
  • Manifest all your desires in the most effortless way

Activate your soul’s wealth codes

Access magical manifestations in life
.. consistently!

What’s included?


Embodiment Class

Access advanced LIVE classes with exceptional soul-led women like yourself, my spirit guides and me.

Unleash the elevated multidimensional magic of your soul’s blueprint through leading-edge teachings and energetic transformation.

Expect a high frequency fast-track to embody the brilliance of your soul’s gifts and potential in life.

Abundant being, doing and having where all your desires are divinely activated and clearly manifested in your life.

Weekly Questions


LIVE highly interactive space where your questions lead into exponential upgrades in your consciousness, being and life.

Expand and co-create actively with your spirit guides every week and lead yourself into your soul’s greatness within an expansive multidimensional container.

Profound breakthroughs and magical transformation are happening at a mindblowing pace.

Daily Divine


Embody the power of your light in daily life.

Access a global intentional community on weekdays and ignite your day with your soul’s power and presence.

Be tuned into a high vibrational place daily and amplify your ability to manifest and create.

Monthly High Frequency

Focus Call

Step into daily alignment with your vision and purpose in an interactive intimate setting.

Translate and embody the teachings and frequency updates in your life.

Receive personalized coaching from a Divine Wealth Empowerment mentor and accelerate the manifestation of your desires.

Life long access to all recordings + transcripts in our private membership area.

Exclusive for the Mastermind

  • 12 Months Access to ALL Online Programs
  • 4-day LIVE All Inclusive In-Person Retreat
  • Monthly Channeled Soul Message Just for You
  • 4 Private Channeled Activation Sessions with Sigrid
  • Monthly Exclusive Mastermind Intensive

You know when you know..

Mastermind Intensive

Part of your Mastermind experience is exclusive individual support from my Light Tribe and me.

Manifest your soul’s wealth with hyper speed in an intimate setting. Explode into the empowered greatness of your unique purpose and gifts.

If you are ready to prioritize the embodiment of your soul’s mission and truly lead with your soul’s wealth, this is for you.


Soul Wealth Code Activations

Receive 4 personalized 1:1 soul initiations & 12 channeled soul recordings

Upgrade your unique divine gifts and become fully empowered in your soul’s essence.

Move beyond the limitations of your current reality and into the expansion and practical application of your gifts.

Unlock your soul’s unique blueprint and take your purpose into one of global impact.


LIVE Retreat All Inclusive

Connect in person!

Receive your individual soul’s initiation: the most powerful and unique personal activation and imprint my clients will ever experience.

Full activation of your unique divine soul codes & essence.

Magnetize your life and calibrate your being on a whole new level through a new DNA frequency coherence in your being.

This 4-day luxury retreat is a magical intensive where you co-create directly with me and my Light Tribe in a multidimensional and very intimate space.

Celebrate and Receive

The ultimate manifestation of
your soul’s mission

Pay in full extra..

  • 1 private, 30-minute channeling and activation session with Sigrid and her Light Tribe. (value €625)
  • To intiate your divine wealth and become empowered in your soul’s gifts and purpose.

Instant access to the vibe!

  • Circle of Light – Get instant access to Circle of Light.
  • Tap into your multidimensional potential in a global community while co-creating with divine light collectives. (value €555)
  • Daily Divine Empowerment – Access a global intentional community on weekdays and ignite your day with your soul’s power and presence. (value €77/month)
  • A digital copy of my book – ‘Your Exceptinal Life: Practical Steps to Unlock Your Full Potential’.
  • Discover the exact steps to go from a personality-driven into a soul-driven life. (value €47)
  • Companion workbook – A practical guide to accelerate into your soul’s purpose in life.
  • Emobody your personal soul fulfilment blueprint. (value €27)

Celebration energy from our members

Need help or have questions? My team is happy to answer your questions and assist you in making your most aligned choice.

Contact us at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The Divine Wealth Empowerment is a 12-month program that is designed to give you sufficient time to absorb and integrate the teachings and activations into your daily reality.

A: This is for the awakened leader, messenger, practitioner, (spiritual) entrepreneur, changemaker, mother that wants to connect to the next level of fulfilment, freedom and impact & co-creation. You have a purpose and you want to bring that into the world consistently so that you are unshakable and unstoppable. You want more than to just know your purpose.You want to know and learn exactly how to live it, engage with life and bring your complete, multidimensional potential fully into embodiment.
And the best of all? You do this while co-creating with your spirit guides and your loved ones from a place of ease. Finally creating the space to be who you are on all levels.

A: If you feel drawn to this, you are ready. If you feel an inner push to jump all in, you are especially ready. I encourage you to follow your heart and soul’s calling. I only accept members who are truly ready, which is why it’s an application process. When we connect, we can discuss and explore together if the Divine Wealth Empowerment is right for you.

A: There are two levels available the:

Spiritual Accelerator

The investment is €5.550 (pay in full) or €555 monthly (12 months)

Additional payment plans available

13 – 24 month instalments – an additional fee of €555 applies

(Inquire through email: [email protected])

Spiritual Mastermind

The investment is €15.550 (pay in full) or 1555 monthly (12 months)

Additional payment plans available

13 – 24 month instalments – an additional fee of €555 applies

(Inquire through email: [email protected])

A: Yes! We can discuss additional payment options for both levels.

Spiritual Accelerator

The investment is €5.550 (pay in full) or €555 monthly (12 months)

Additional payment plans available

13 – 24 month instalments – an additional fee of €555 applies

(Inquire through email: [email protected])

Spiritual Mastermind

The investment is €15.550 (pay in full) or 1555 monthly (12 months)

Additional payment plans available

13 – 24 month instalments – an additional fee of €555 applies

(Inquire through email: [email protected])

A: From the moment you enroll, you start your journey together with the group. During this 52-weeks experience, there will be a total of 12 weeks dedicated to your individual integration (no calls, no meetings). For more details, please consult the program schedule I will email you upon acceptance to the Divine Wealth Empowerment.

A: We can discuss the needs and realities if you live far from Amsterdam.

A: I follow all local mandates and recommendations for group interactions. Your health and safety are of primary importance to me!

A: Simply click the button below and choose the program that you desire.

Integrating the new energies since June has already empowered me greatly and I feel so much more coming.

Co-creating with all of you here and in the groups actually speeds up the process of becoming the "rock" for myself, the ones around me and on the greater level too.

I am so excited to be part of the 11:11 opening, stepping into the bigger why and leading with my light and my mission here on earth.

You know what is sooooo helpful to me is learning these bigger contexts. Now I can see why I haven’t found my “place” yet in the world. I was missing these bigger, brighter, lighter more expansive, beautiful contexts.

The “ordinary” frame was too small. I am so grateful for you and this community. Thank you so much for stepping into your calling and creating this beautiful container.

I joined because I wanted to be guided in how to open up spiritually. I received way more than that! In my daily life I found my soulmate. I shifted into work which feels aligned. I reignited my business and it has really taken off.

I never expected to communicate with my spirit guides yet I – as a down to earth person – now channel my own light tribe.

From the start of the experience I created a deepened relationship with my children.

What I really enjoy is Sigrid is very practical, down to earth and no nonsense. I love how she leads through example and co-creation.

The group aspect is mind blowing. I never expected this level of deep connection. It brings me to tears. These connections are for life. I experience a deep heartfelt connection with each individual.

A half year ago I chose to participate in the Soul Mastery Experience because I had a sense of recognition in Sigrid’s stories.

The clear and simple explanation was what resonated deeply within me. It was a remembrance of my soul’s mission that made me decide to join this special group.

The beautiful energy of Sigrid, being together in a collective on a structural basis in high frequencies, the straightforward language, not making it more difficult than it is, and that she is also a mother of young children really appealed to me.

By participating in this special group I have grown and my vibration has increased enormously. It is great to be in high frequencies every week within a collective, a group of like-minded soul sisters, in which we strengthen each other’s field every week and make it more powerful.

The recognition of what I have felt my whole life,I now dare to share my gifts and talents with the world, the encouragement to stand for your own light from the safe grounding of this group.

Coming home to yourself on deeper layers. I have finally started to share my talents with the world, to share my light language, learned to channel and I am very grateful for the group of soul sisters, the community that I am a part of.

We encourage each other to live our highest good and being in this group gives me the confidence to grow from this safe place, more opportunities and things come my way.It all started with choosing me and the higher frequencies.

Thank you for this special journey, I’m curious what the next six months may bring!

I am presently in the September Soul Mastery experience. I am writing this from my heart as I know there are some folks who may be wondering if this is for them. I have to say I knew immediately I wanted to do it. I jumped into it and was caught by my Light Tribe-fully supported Because it was and is the right thing for me. Sigrid provides such a high-frequency container that allows one to
Grow more deeply in their Soul’s path within this human form called a body. Sigrid calls it embodiment.
Soul Mastery isn’t the journey I thought it would be-it is incredibly better. My personality self thought of goals and how she would like to be and she is fully Supported in Soul Mastery. My personality self is learning to allow and to receive. She is learning she is safe to be who she is, and cherished AS she is right now. My soul is having the most wonderful dance with all of this. I am growing in ways I never dreamed of because my mind thinks small and the soul says bigger. I am supported to lead with Soul on every level in Soul Mastery. I am so honored to be in a group of high-frequency individuals who support me and help me in so many ways. Who see me on FB and send their love. Beautiful Divine Beings who have reached out beyond class and given their gifts to me-Light Language/sound healings, Light weaving, Soul paintings, in a time I really needed upliftment. The gifts are still unwrapping for me. It is not only Sigrid-(who is so amazing )and her Light Tribe- it is the group that gathers to be present to one another on our collective and individual journeys. This is one of the most profound experiences in my life.
With infinite love and gratitude,

I had been practicing for a number of years under the guidance of a psychic in giving healings and gaining knowledge through a discussion group, but at one point I had the feeling that I was not really getting any further.

I ended up at Sigrid through a Masterclass.

I followed the morning channelings and a number of free Master Classes before I dared to take the step to a conversation about Soul Mastery.

That conversation felt very good, but spending so much money for myself that I found it terribly difficult. With a big lump in my throat (I almost couldn’t pronounce it) I then said yes. I have not regretted that for a moment.

My approach was personal development and discovering and developing my gifts. That has more than come true so far. With ups and downs.

I feel more secure in my spirituality and dare to speak more openly about it. I was able to make contact with different energies and can now also place them.

I love Sigrid’s positive message and practical approach, in addition to her spiritual and coaching skills. Also participating in a group of wonderful like-minded people who encourage, support and challenge each other with tips and their experiences is invaluable.

If you are attracted to Soul Mastery all I can say is do it!

Since I am in the Soul Mastery Group with Sigrid, the nerve pain that I have had for over 30 years is totally gone for long periods.

When it comes back due to energy shifts or other causes, I have easy methods to deal with it. I release more and more of the pressure I put on myself and am stepping more and more into ‘Effortless Being’!

More and more I am able to look at situations from the heart instead of the mind. I am not going into stories any longer and get less overwhelmed. This gives me more rest and fewer worries and more Happiness!

I let go and release a lot of ‘the Old’: beliefs, imprints, scars from this and other lives.I have more trust in myself and the support of the Universe.

I know I am never alone and the support I ask always comes if I am ready to listen and to ALLOW! I am less overgiving and allow myself to receive and give myself what I need at the moment.

I see and I believe in a Bright Future. I feel its Energy and try to go into it daily.

The Soul Mastery Group is really about CO-CREATING with Sigrid, with Soul, with the members of the group, and with the Universe!


I have been on Sigrid’s mailing list since 2019 and was doing some free webinars of her and I watched the interviews with spiritual people.

I’ve always been a sensitive person, especially as a child I was tuned into the other world. I never really did a spiritual course before as my life (work, kids, family, traveling) was so full that I didn’t find the peace or time for it.

Since Corona my life slowed down, I could work from home, job tasks disappeared and my family life (3 young kids) was better organized. After activation in September 2020, I was suddenly certain that Sigrid could help me to develop my spiritual path.

I knew that the more I would be spiritually engaged, my life would be more joyful.

Sigrid is perfect for me as she has a family of 4 kids, she knows how busy that can be and I love her practical way.I booked a call with her and felt an instant connection, although I didn’t exactly know what soul mastery could mean to me, I somehow knew deep inside of me that this was the right thing to do.

At the end of the conversation she mentioned the price and I had a direct NO. I can’t spend this much money on myself! That’s ridiculous. My husband is out of a job, corona… so many insecurities. I decided not to do it but a little voice/feeling came over and over again in my being, in my head.

That little voice/feeling convinced me that I was worth it and that it was time to step in. So I said yes, I took the monthly pay-off and was scared and excited. It’s so worth it.

My life has changed completely. I’ve learned to love myself, to give my soul the space it deserves, to be gentle to my personality, to trust in my higher self, to trust in life, that I’m supported by the physical world and the non-physical world.

I believe in myself more than I ever did. I can feel my strength, I have contact with my guides by writing daily with them. I grow and grow and sometimes it means that the current reality is not fitting anymore and that sometimes necessary decisions need to be taken.

Being in a container with 30 soul sisters makes me feel very supported and I know that I can really achieve the life I want.