The Academy

high frequency
energy mastery

Become an unshakable pillar of light and fully activate your soul’s potential to create new high frequency

Roll out the golden carpet and welcome in
your soul’s super power.

Become a high frequency leader.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Effortlessly play with high frequency energies and feel unstoppable in your soul’s purpose.
  • Establish a deep connection and co-creation with your soul’s infinite potential.
  • Fully activate your soul’s gifts and experience a certain, joyful co-creation with your light team.

Let’s dive a little deeper..

You fully activate your purpose and wake up each day feeling deeply fulfilled. You move through your day and experience life through a bright, new, elevated way. You became the conduit for light.

Your experience of daily happiness, ease and flow feels effortless. Creating new high frequency abundance structures for yourself and others feels natural. 

Finally you feel at home as you unleash your purpose and share your unique soul codes and talents with the world.

You feel deeply supported and excited, co-creating high frequency energy with equally powerful women. This high level frequency co-creation where you receive new soul upgrades, feels like a physical spark of divinity and allows you to grow, activate, embody and master your soul’s boundless field expansive ways.

Amazed as you realize how solid you feel anchored into your soul’s purpose, how deeply you trust and others around you effortlessly elevate with you to their highest potential.

Adjusting and dimming in life belongs to the past.

Become a high frequency leader
in the world

Hi! I AM


I’m Sigrid van Heerwaarden, a mother of 4, who loves to travel, twice exceptional, fan of bubbles, morning person and getting married for the first time in August 2024.

Empowering women into the embodiment of their unique soul talents potential while creating a life of freedom without sacrifice, is what I love doing most!

I made the transition from living my human purpose as a social worker into my soul’s purpose being a channel, a mentor who runs groups, retreats, VIP days with soulmate clients, at the age of 40.

I never forget the moment I first started channeling high frequency codes to empower myself into my gifts and a life of freedom. In the middle of the night I started to receive downloads.

First I thought these downloads were just for me. But I realized these high frequency empowerment codes were destined to unleash powerful, intuitive women into their soul’s potential.

During the first Corona wave I sold out a 12 month group experience with 40 women and I was doing what felt most natural, exhilarating and fulfilling to me.

I landed in my soul’s purpose. It was easy. It all came together.


Helping you activate and master your gifts, purpose, potential through frequency attunement, unlocking remembrance and co-creative soul journeys.

Channeling high frequency energies of this moment to help you understand, navigate and embody your ultimate  path into freedom.

Providing you with clear energy tools in a high frequency environment on a wide, consistently growing, range of high frequency codes, elevated mastery and specific topics helping you unleash YOUR potential.

Tell me if this sounds like you?

  • You have always felt a strong calling to elevate yourself and others.


  • You are a powerful (hidden) intuitive ready to play with big energies.


  • You can’t wait to fully unleash your unique soul’s potential, talents and gifts into your unique soul signature modality.

The world is waiting for you!



Activate and co-create on the highest
levels of energy and frequency.

This is not a boring step by step program.

Downloading and embodying your soul’s divine wealth codes and activating your light and greatness in big ways.

That’s the vibe! 

Ready to take it to a whole new level?

Let’s take a look… 

Wait! What exactly is the Academy?

Glad you asked!



Activate your channel

1 CYCLE of 4 Months

OPEN yourself to your soul’s boundless potential

CLEAR all human emotional, mental, energy and physical blocks, patterns that limit you

EMBODY and ground yourself as a soul portal





1 CYCLE of 4 Months

IGNITE your soul’s frequency by daily high frequency activations and initiations

CO-CREATE in a high frequency community (LIVE) weekly

ELEVATE your soul’s frequency consistently through high frequency living



1 CYCLE of 4 Months

EXPRESS and explore your soul’s gifts

EXCHANGE your soul gifts and feel certain

EXPAND your soul’s potential with your own unique soul signature modality and co-create in life and business






  • Master high frequency energy
  • Activate your unique soul codes, gifts & talents
  • Co-create high frequency downloads and amplify your light


  • High frequency attunements
  • Unleash your soul’s potential
  • Lead with new soul structures

LIVE Classes/Q&A

01. Bi-Weekly High Frequency Attunements LIVE

By the end of these initiations part of the Academy you :

  • Master and activate your soul’s potential
  • Elevate your level of divine co-creation in life.
  • Embody your soul’s frequency with certainty.


Topics that are covered:


  • Participate in bi-weekly 60 min LIVE initiations 
  • Recordings after LIVE class available in the app
  • Co-create with your soul, light team, high frequency group energy 

Energy Mastery:

  • Unlock your personal light codes 
  • Embody your soul talents + gifts 
  • Become an unshakable pillar of light

High Impact Release:

  • Re-arrange collective energy frequencies and feel empowered 
  • Co-create NEW realities in life

High Frequency Initiations  

  • In-depth channeled frequency initiations
  • Master and attune to the NEW current high frequency waves
  • Elevate  your vibration instantly 



Scroll through the 26 x 60 min Initiations and Q&A’s recorded from June 2023 to.

 Great Variety of Topics  

  • Planetary Energy Mastery
  • Divine Presence 
  • Orgasmic Surrender
  • Sacred Child
  • Sun Gate
  • 3 Golden Protection Rings 
  • Permission 
  • New Momentum 
02. Monthly Energy Mastery Q&A’s LIVE 

By the end of the Q&A’s as part of the Academy you have:


Turned all your doubt into solid certainty through personalized guidance.



  • Participate in a monthly 60 min Q&A
  • Recordings after LIVE class available in the app


Channeled and practical guidance:  

  • All your questions answered 
  • Dive deep in understanding your soul gifts, purpose, potential 


Personalized strategies: 


  • Understand your potential and how to unlock your unique soul codes 
  • Know exactly how to express your gifts in life, feeling  effortless and naturally.
  • Receive clear tools and personal strategies to navigate challenges in your life



Feel supported, seen and activated in a high frequency community    

Elevate in massive ways through  

03.  I AM Limitless Program LIVE

By the end of these 12 classes you will have:

Mastered high frequency energy tools and liberate yourself from all energy limitations 



  • Participate in a monthly 60 to 90 min deep dives
  • Recordings after LIVE class available in the app


Topics that are covered:

  1. Dissolve Soul Contracts 
  2. Harmonize Past Lives
  3. Liberate Your Lineage 
  4. Close Soul Cycles 
  5. Unify Parallel Universes
  6. Elevate Future Timelines
  7. Unshakable Soul Frequency 
  8. Master Your Emotional Field
  9. Elevate Relationship Dynamics 
  10. Unleash Your Purpose 
  11. Activate Abundance 
  12. High Frequency Upgrades



  • Practical teachings
  • Energy mastery tools
  • High impact release practices,
  • Channeles high frequency activations 

Activation Series

01. Activate Your Channel

By the end of these 8 initiations  you will have:

  • Established a solid channel in your I AM presence.
  • Master your soul’s frequency as a channel of light.



  • All 60 min recordings available in the app


High level initiations to:

  1. Establish Your Channel
  2. Connect Your Channel
  3. Ignite Your Channel
  4. Deepen Your Channel
  5. Infuse Your Chanel 
  6. Elevate Your Channel
  7. Expand Your Channel
  8. I AM the Channel 


02. Become A Boundless Creation Portal

By the end of these 7 high frequency portal initiations you:


Can create new realities at an accelerated pace and close all sabotaging energies. 



  • All 60 min recordings available in the app


High level initiations to:

  1. Anchor in Your Highest Timelines 
  2. Anchor in Your Wealth Identity 
  3. Unlock Realities From Self Love
  4. Empowered Abundance Presence 
  5. NEW Wealth Receiving
  6. Grateful Endings
  7. Clear Soul Consciousness


Bonus 2 Powerful Classes:

  1. Time Capsule Creation
  2. Deep Dive Karmic Clearing
03. 7 Shifts Into Your Soul Frequency

By the end of these 7 high frequency codes you  have: 

Attune yourself fully to a state of well-being to connect with your soul’s frequency.


  • All 60 min recordings available in the app

High level initiations to:

  1. Love
  2. Trust 
  3. Surrender 
  4. Receptivity
  5. Ease
  6. Nourishment 
  7. Embodiment 
04. Attune To Your Highest Value

By the end of these 3 channeled high frequency classes you will:

Attune and embody self love and your highest value. 


  • All 60 min recordings available in the app


High level initiations to:

  1. Self Love
  2. Self Value
  3. Self Care 
05. Activate Your Inner Goddess & Priestess 

By the end of these 12 channeled high frequency attunements you will:


Attune to the  energy and rituals of powerful goddess and priestess frequencies. 



  • All 60 min recordings available in the app


High level initiations into:

  1. She Who Leads With Light 
  2. Unapologetic Receiving
  3. Inner Wisdom Remembrance 
  4. Unconditional Love 
  5. Self Love & Home Coming 
  6. All-Inclusive  Abundance 
  7. Compassion & Timelines 
  8. Focus & Awareness
  9. Sensual Unleashed Goddess
  10. Leap with Certainty 
  11. Sacred Space 
  12. Purify & Clear 
06. Instant Clearing With Cosmic Codes

By the end of these 3 powerful deep dive cosmic clearings you:


Master a new powerful clearing method that contains 3 steps to shift energy in the quantum field.



  • All 60 to 90 min recordings available in the app


High level initiations and steps

  1. Cosmic Drop
  2. Cosmic Breathe 
  3. Cosmic Surgery 
07. Your Soul’s Potential Unleashed

By the end of the 40+ channeled high frequency initiations you will:

Attune to powerful frequencies to shift from your human potential into your infinite soul potential.



  • All 60 min recordings available in the app


High level initiations on over 40 topics like

  1. Money is Divine
  2. Embrace Inner Truth
  3. Magical Mystical Awakening
  4. Unifying Light Tribes
  5. Dance with Duality
  6. Sweet Spot of Creation
  7. Magnetic Manifestation
  8. I Am Enough
  9. Meet Your Medical Team
  10. Sacred Feminine
  11. Galactic Rewiring
  12. Golden Spheres
  13. Warrior Codes
  14. High Frequency Keys
  15. Messengers of Atlantis
  16. Nourish – Rewire – Decode
  17. Ease into Being a Portal
  18. Wealthy Woman
  19. Quantum Queen
  20. Golden Goddess


And 20 more classes..


But You Will Access and Learn Even More…

12 Month access to ALL new high frequency energy programs and experiences:

  • UPCOMING LIVE initiations, activations, portals.
  • NEW LIVE released initiation courses and activation programs.

1:1  Soul Frequency Attunements

Access 4 individual soul frequency attunements to clarify, unleash and activate your unique soul codes and soul signature modality in the upcoming year.



01. Bonus Master Channeling 


By the end of these 3 modules you:


Know how to open your channel, connect and translate information into messages with trust.



  • All 60 min recordings available in the app


 Powerful embodiment classes:


  1. Open Your Unique Channel
  2. Trust Your Channel 
  3. Translate Energy into Messages  
02. Connect Communicate Co-Create

By the end of these 3 modules you:

Know how to communicate with the other side through soul conversations.


  • All 60 min recordings available in the app

 Powerful embodiment classes:

  1. Learn How to Connect 
  2. Learn How to Communicate 
  3. Learn How to Co-Create 
03. High Frequency Grid

By the end of these 3 modules you:


Know how to rearrange your energy  grid and shift stagnant energy out of your field on specific topics.



  • All 60 min recordings available in the app


 Powerful embodiment classes:

  1. Connect to Your Energy Field  
  2. Rearrange Your Grid
  3. Anchor in Your Infinity Potential
You no longer have to guess..
How to activate your soul’s potential?
Fully unlock your unique
soul codes and talents!
It’s ALL waiting for you..  

Enroll Now
Starts 6th May 2024

12 Month Access

Pay in Full


9 Month Payment Plan

€555 x 9  

Cancellation Policy

There will be no refunds offered and no cancellation of this program.
For details please read our Cancellation Policy.


This is for you if:

  • You are ready fully activate your soul’s potential and play with big high frequency energies.

  • You are ready to activate your unique soul gifts, talents and purpose.

  • You are ready to step into your role of leader and conduit of light.

  • You are ready to anchor in and master big energy shifts into freedom and abundance.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You are not willing to dedicate time to activate your soul’s potential.

  • You are not looking to prioritize your gifts, purpose and potential.

  • You don’t believe in creating a life of freedom through your soul’s gifts.

  • You are looking for a quick fix.
But you might be asking yourself..
HOW does it work?
Let’s walk you through the steps




First step? A happy dance! As you take the most important and exciting step into unleashing your potential.




Suggestion for the best result? Listen to the high frequency activations as you walk, drive, do your housekeeping. Being in the high frequency vibration will catapult you into your soul potential.

This is part of how I did it. It works. 😉

You receive instant access to a range of activation series and a step by step guide to know exactly how to start.




Join the high frequency classes and co-create with powerful intuitives like yourself.

Turn soul and potential into something tangible and experience instant high frequency shifts.

Receive support, clear guidance on the activation, identification and embodiment of your unique gifts, talents and purpose in LIVE group Q&A’s.

Access 1:1 highly personalized private activations to fine tune even more.

Access to 1:1 activations after full payment or finalized payment plan.

© 2024 Sigridvanheerwaarden All rights reserved
My purpose was clear: I was meant to help others reach their fullest potential and lead lives filled with purpose, freedom, and prosperity.

For me, spirituality is not just a thing or a class you take; it’s an ongoing journey into the elevation of your greatness.

I’ve made my abilities a normal part of my life and created worldwide events, communities, and personal experiences that have touched the lives of thousands by helping them connect with their souls. I’m not a magician, and my knowledge doesn’t come from textbooks or theories. I’m a living gateway to the resonance of your soul.

I believe in having it all from effortless soul alignment. My community and soul-driven business have evolved into a 7-figure brand in just three years.
My desire to travel made me host high-level Divine Wealth retreats on Ibiza, sharing my wisdom and passion with others. In addition, I’ve opened a business in Dubai and travel there yearly. I have a team of dedicated members around the world, supporting me in my mission.

The level of creativity and consistent creation in my life serves as a gateway to express my soul’s art. I’m deeply in love with my purpose, my mission, and my clients.

My life is now a reflection of everything I ever wanted – an adventurous, passionate love relationship, a close-knit and abundant family, a thriving empire that fulfills me every single day, fantastic clients who are in harmony with their souls, a healthy and fit body, and the joy of exploring the world through travel.
My journey began with academic pursuits, but I truly discovered my inner strength through my work as a social worker, where I helped people struggling with addiction. I often found myself working with clients who were considered challenging.

In my presence, something magical happened. These clients would reconnect with their true path in life effortlessly. I realized I had a unique gift that could open a door to something beyond our human selves, revealing profound truths filled with love and grace.

For me, spirituality is not just a thing or a class you take; it’s an ongoing journey to understand and embrace who you truly are.

I’ve made my abilities a normal part of my life and created worldwide events, communities, and personal experiences that have touched the lives of thousands by helping them connect with their souls. I’m not a magician, and my knowledge doesn’t come from textbooks or theories. I’m a living gateway to the resonance of the soul.

All the challenges I faced in life transformed into a wellspring of compassion. I combined this with a deep desire to live a life in harmony with my soul, one that was full of freedom, purpose, and abundance. And I achieved just that!

About Sigrid van Heerwaarden

Welcome to my world, beautiful! I’m Sigrid, a modern mystic, divine channel, and spiritual mentor. Let’s dive deeper into who I am and what I stand for.

I’ve always been driven to elevate myself, even when feeling misunderstood by others most of my life. As a child I was unaware of my gifts and I assumed everyone had the same abilities to read others and perceive reality the way I did.

My life’s story has been to embrace my true self, my gifts and create a life of freedom, abundance and impact.

Eventually my personal journey turned into my art, my craft, my gift, my mission.

However, this did not come easy.