I closed my eyes, I allowed ice cold water to awaken all my senses.
My younger version prayed for a miracle and promised to share it
with the world if she would receive.
The Mantra
The miracle arrived in the form of a mantra which allowed me to anchor in unshakable trust:
“Show me, lead me, guide me.”
It helped me to refine the art to master trust, surrender and faith.
To believe my vision, my magic more than the wanted and unwanted I had created.
Magic was born and shown in the form of my gifts coming fully online, soul mate clients, quantum leaps in creation, freedom, impact, money and love.
“Show me, lead me, guide me.”
“When I know it, I have to do it.”
Courageous Bold Quantum Shifts  
Shifting into a life of freedom, fulfilment and wealth happened when I came to understand the power of alignment. 
“When I know it, I have to do it.”
I made a pact with myself and my soul. 
My soul will receive the answer. Then I will take the aligned actions and move beyond any fear, doubt and lack.
Every time inside of myself I knew I had to make impactful decisions I feared, I did it anyway.
It helped me to see life as a game and detach from the ‘realness’.

Amplifying my Quantum Gifts
“Well-being is the core of repositioning yourself in your soul’s truthful place” 

After I aligned with my vision and started to lead myself with my desires (not need), my soul’s frequency (not lack) and with pure relentless bold courage.
I was ready to master the human roller coasters I experienced so deeply because of my heightened sensitivity.
Instead of ‘in the heat of the moment’ reacting, I received powerful quantum grid tools to respond.
That allowed me to liberate myself from the roles I was conditioned to operate in; as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, mentor, CEO. 
Finally detaching myself completely from repetitive emotional, mental, psychical and energy patterns I felt  stuck in.
“Well-being is the core of repositioning yourself in your soul’s truthful place” 
“The rebirth and ultimate liberation of soulful authentic self.”
Soul Architect Within Unleashed 
“The rebirth and ultimate liberation of soulful authentic self.”
After deactivating the human reactions and roles I was ready to receive the next step.
Building my empire based on my soul’s frequency and desires without interference of karmic patterns.
Leading edge frequency tools and quantum grid shifts were shown to me and I was able to truly rebuild my life, business, relationships, wealth, health in a pure, clear and simple way.
Based on well being, my innate gifts and soul’s frequency to impact and experience life from my soul’s power and potential.


Liberate Calibrate Unleash

Yourself & your empire

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Within a 4 week intimate soul frequency mastermind, the ultimate attunement to your soul’s gold is now here for you!
Unleash Yourself
Your Soul’s Frequency
Your Life, Your Empire
Experience next level human detachment, role restructuring, soul frequency  calibration, quantum leap anchoring and ultimate divine embodiment of your true potential and highest vision.

Week #1

Surrender into Divine Presence
“Show me, lead me, guide me.”
ANCHOR IN unshakable trust, connection and experience divine support, let go of doubt and insecurity of your creation power.
REFINE & MASTER the art of surrender and dissolve overanalyzing and mind loops without coming to results.
IGNITE your personal state of divine magic. Bring back life times of wisdom, gifts and allow quantum leaps in freedom, impact, money and love.

Week #2

Embody bold Soul Leadership
“When I know it, I have to do it.”
SHIFT into a clear state of co-creation with yourself and stop sabotaging the quantum leaps you desire.
MOVE into a non-negotiable sacred space of high quality and inner value. Let go of underlying fears, being needed and self doubt.
LEAD YOURSELF with your soul’s standard rather than with human emotion and self imposed  limitation.
TRANSFORM & ELEVATE your life and business by taking the right soul aligned impactful decisions that create instant powerful wanted shifts.

Week #3

Soul Frequency Mastery
“From trigger reaction to soul frequency response”
STEP OUT of emotional, mental, energetic roller coasters and align with the incredible power of your soul’s frequency.
TAP into your soul’s power and away from destructive, sabotaging behavior.
START responding from your true self and highest potential and end your reacting to ongoing triggers.
DETACH from automatic taken on roles that create a stress response instead lead with limitless choice and options matching your highest vision.

Week #4

Soul Architect Unleashed
“Liberate yourself and rebirth your empire based on your soul’s frequency”
RECEIVE leading edge quantum frequency tools.
MATCH your life experience with your soul frequency, potential and big dreams and desires.
EMBODY your quantum architectural magic and power.
BUILD your life, business, relationships, wealth based on well being, your divine gifts, impact and soul’s frequency.
BECOME your full authentic unapologetic self in life, business and relationships.




Become the core of your existence, the embodied soul architect of your life.
Build your life & business on your soul’s frequency, well-being and your highest vision.
Come home to you! Your desires, your presence, the powerful divine creation force you are! 


4 week intimate mastermind
Unleash Yourself, Your Life, Your Business with Your Soul’s Frequency


  • 8 group quantum  initiation activations + embodiment transmissions. 
  • Themed Weekly Quantum Field Practices, Soul Frequency Embodiment Initiations.
  • 4 Weeks – 2 x 60 min classes per week with quantum teachings, initiations and mentoring by Sigrid.
  • 8 Days Highly Personalized Online Voice Message Mentorship by Sigrid – Group.
  • 4 Weeks – 2 x days per week embodiment directed personal guidance and mentoring by Sigrid in a group container.
  • Your 1:1 Personal 30 min Channeled Soul Frequency Attunement – Includes recording to re-listen.


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4 Week Payment Plan

€555 x 4

Cancellation Policy

There will be no refunds offered and no cancellation of this program.
For details please read our Cancellation Policy.


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My purpose was clear: I was meant to help others reach their fullest potential and lead lives filled with purpose, freedom, and prosperity.

For me, spirituality is not just a thing or a class you take; it’s an ongoing journey into the elevation of your greatness.

I’ve made my abilities a normal part of my life and created worldwide events, communities, and personal experiences that have touched the lives of thousands by helping them connect with their souls. I’m not a magician, and my knowledge doesn’t come from textbooks or theories. I’m a living gateway to the resonance of your soul.

I believe in having it all from effortless soul alignment. My community and soul-driven business have evolved into a 7-figure brand in just three years.
My desire to travel made me host high-level Divine Wealth retreats on Ibiza, sharing my wisdom and passion with others. In addition, I’ve opened a business in Dubai and travel there yearly. I have a team of dedicated members around the world, supporting me in my mission.

The level of creativity and consistent creation in my life serves as a gateway to express my soul’s art. I’m deeply in love with my purpose, my mission, and my clients.

My life is now a reflection of everything I ever wanted – an adventurous, passionate love relationship, a close-knit and abundant family, a thriving empire that fulfills me every single day, fantastic clients who are in harmony with their souls, a healthy and fit body, and the joy of exploring the world through travel.
My journey began with academic pursuits, but I truly discovered my inner strength through my work as a social worker, where I helped people struggling with addiction. I often found myself working with clients who were considered challenging.

In my presence, something magical happened. These clients would reconnect with their true path in life effortlessly. I realized I had a unique gift that could open a door to something beyond our human selves, revealing profound truths filled with love and grace.

For me, spirituality is not just a thing or a class you take; it’s an ongoing journey to understand and embrace who you truly are.

I’ve made my abilities a normal part of my life and created worldwide events, communities, and personal experiences that have touched the lives of thousands by helping them connect with their souls. I’m not a magician, and my knowledge doesn’t come from textbooks or theories. I’m a living gateway to the resonance of the soul.

All the challenges I faced in life transformed into a wellspring of compassion. I combined this with a deep desire to live a life in harmony with my soul, one that was full of freedom, purpose, and abundance. And I achieved just that!

About Sigrid van Heerwaarden

Welcome to my world, beautiful! I’m Sigrid, a modern mystic, divine channel, and spiritual mentor. Let’s dive deeper into who I am and what I stand for.

I’ve always been driven to elevate myself, even when feeling misunderstood by others most of my life. As a child I was unaware of my gifts and I assumed everyone had the same abilities to read others and perceive reality the way I did.

My life’s story has been to embrace my true self, my gifts and create a life of freedom, abundance and impact.

Eventually my personal journey turned into my art, my craft, my gift, my mission.

However, this did not come easy.