Soul Essence Mastery

Unwrapping Divine Gifts

Frequency Elivation



Are you ready to unwrap your divine gifts?

Welcome to the Soul Essence Mastery Program!

12 Month immersive experience that helps you discover, harness, and elevate your soul’s essence, gifts and divine frequency!


Soul Frequency Foundation


In the first part of establishing your soul’s frequency foundation in “Soul Essence Mastery,” we invite you to explore and set up a strong foundation for your soul’s gifts, essence and frequency to be fully ignited.

instant Access to

  • Leading Edge Classes

    These classes will deepen your connection to your soul essence & clarify your soul’s divine gift, allowing you to shine your inner light brightly.

  • Channel Activation Series

    Open your channel to higher frequencies and cosmic wisdom. This eight-module series will establish, connect, ignite, deepen, infuse, elevate, expand, and awaken you into "I AM" presence.

  • Cosmic Clearing Series

    Instant access to recordings for in-depth clearing, including:
    - Cosmic Breathe: Release stagnant energies and breathe in the cosmic flow.
    - Cosmic Drop: Let go of what no longer serves you, creating space for new frequencies.
    - Cosmic Surgery: Experience a profound transformation and enter a cosmic healing chamber.

Master Your

Frequency - Energy - Divine Gifts

The next part is about immersing yourself in a series of monthly initiations, activations, classes, Q&A’s to expand your mastery in mind blowing ways. 


  • Initiations & Activations

    Within you lies a treasure trove of divine gifts and hidden wisdom. In this journey we unwrap these gifts. Whether it's intuitive abilities, creativity, healing energies, or spiritual insight, you'll learn to tap into these innate talents, activate your soul’s DNA and bring this into your daily life.

  • Exclusive Classes

    Immerse yourself in exclusive mastery classes that are carefully crafted to help you align with your soul's frequency in life in bigger ways. Through practical frequency tools and expanding your awareness you'll gain a deeper understanding of navigating your reality with your soul's essence.

  • Mentorship and Guidance

    Within monthly Q&A’s you receive personalized mentorship to guide you every step of the way. And ensure you're making the most of this experience while getting your most burning questions answered .

  • Connect with Soul Community

    You won't be on this journey alone. Access a supportive and like-minded community of individuals who are also on their path to discovering their soul's essence and divine gifts. Share experiences, insights, co-create and encouragement as you elevate together.

Unwrap your divine gifts

connect with your soul's essence

Why Choose

Soul Essence mastery

It’s more than just a program

It’s a profound shift in how you experience and live life from a soul perspective

  • Divine Frequency Elevation

    This program is dedicated to helping you elevate your soul’s vibrations and connect with your divine essence. By raising your energetic frequency, you experience a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in your life.

  • For High Level Awakened Women

    Who are looking to embrace their soul's gifts in a modern day temple through remembrance. It's a space where women come together to explore, ignite and co-create and unlock their soul gifts in exceptional ways.

  • High-Level Soul Gift Attunement

    Uncover your hidden talents, innate gifts and true power. The Soul Essence Mastery Program will help you tune into your soul's highest potential and bring your unique abilities to the forefront of your life.

  • Co-Creation and Interaction

    We believe in the power of co-creation, which is why our program offers an interactive approach and many LIVE co-creation opportunities. You'll receive the guidance and support to navigate your soul's journey.

  • Divine Mastery

    The ultimate goal of our program is to help you attain soul mastery. This means achieving a deep understanding of your soul’s potential, embracing your true gifts, and living a soul aligned life with your desires.

Soul Essence

The Highlights


  • Elevate your soul's frequency for purpose and fulfillment.

  • Awaken your divine gifts in a modern-day temple.

  • Unlock your hidden talents and true power.

  • Co-create and interact with like-minded souls

  • Attain divine mastery, live a soul-aligned life.

8 spots only

Receive a Private Session + Biggest Discount Pay in Full

Find purpose

fulfillment and


Is this

your moment?

If you’re a woman who is deeply connected to your spiritual path and seeks to establish a strong foundation for your soul’s frequency, then this is your moment.

Exclusively for highly awakened women who:

  • Establish the unshakable foundation for your soul's unique frequency.

  • Activate your inner channel to unlock your gifts through remembrance.

  • Embrace powerful clearing practices to free yourself from past limitations.

  • Master your own frequency, energy, and divine gifts, becoming a beacon of light.

  • Co-create with like-minded souls in a high-level community.

Access your

Soul Essence Mastery

This journey is a sacred opportunity for you to step into your soul’s full power and embody your true self. 

Our Exciting New Program Begins Next Week.

It’s time to embark on this exclusive extraordinary path.

Only 8 spots available with discount.


the elite 8

Receive a Private Session + Biggest Discount Pay in Full



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My purpose was clear: I was meant to help others reach their fullest potential and lead lives filled with purpose, freedom, and prosperity.

For me, spirituality is not just a thing or a class you take; it’s an ongoing journey into the elevation of your greatness.

I’ve made my abilities a normal part of my life and created worldwide events, communities, and personal experiences that have touched the lives of thousands by helping them connect with their souls. I’m not a magician, and my knowledge doesn’t come from textbooks or theories. I’m a living gateway to the resonance of your soul.

I believe in having it all from effortless soul alignment. My community and soul-driven business have evolved into a 7-figure brand in just three years.
My desire to travel made me host high-level Divine Wealth retreats on Ibiza, sharing my wisdom and passion with others. In addition, I’ve opened a business in Dubai and travel there yearly. I have a team of dedicated members around the world, supporting me in my mission.

The level of creativity and consistent creation in my life serves as a gateway to express my soul’s art. I’m deeply in love with my purpose, my mission, and my clients.

My life is now a reflection of everything I ever wanted – an adventurous, passionate love relationship, a close-knit and abundant family, a thriving empire that fulfills me every single day, fantastic clients who are in harmony with their souls, a healthy and fit body, and the joy of exploring the world through travel.
My journey began with academic pursuits, but I truly discovered my inner strength through my work as a social worker, where I helped people struggling with addiction. I often found myself working with clients who were considered challenging.

In my presence, something magical happened. These clients would reconnect with their true path in life effortlessly. I realized I had a unique gift that could open a door to something beyond our human selves, revealing profound truths filled with love and grace.

For me, spirituality is not just a thing or a class you take; it’s an ongoing journey to understand and embrace who you truly are.

I’ve made my abilities a normal part of my life and created worldwide events, communities, and personal experiences that have touched the lives of thousands by helping them connect with their souls. I’m not a magician, and my knowledge doesn’t come from textbooks or theories. I’m a living gateway to the resonance of the soul.

All the challenges I faced in life transformed into a wellspring of compassion. I combined this with a deep desire to live a life in harmony with my soul, one that was full of freedom, purpose, and abundance. And I achieved just that!

About Sigrid van Heerwaarden

Welcome to my world, beautiful! I’m Sigrid, a modern mystic, divine channel, and spiritual mentor. Let’s dive deeper into who I am and what I stand for.

I’ve always been driven to elevate myself, even when feeling misunderstood by others most of my life. As a child I was unaware of my gifts and I assumed everyone had the same abilities to read others and perceive reality the way I did.

My life’s story has been to embrace my true self, my gifts and create a life of freedom, abundance and impact.

Eventually my personal journey turned into my art, my craft, my gift, my mission.

However, this did not come easy.